Whistler Community Church is made up of a diverse group of people who believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ. We are a mix of sinners, saints & skeptics. We live to see Jesus’ name honoured and long to live in a way that spreads His love throughout Whistler. We are committed to Whistler, to its beautiful mountains, lakes, valleys and the amazing mix of people that call this place home.


Our Values:

God  is the creator of Heaven and Earth and He is our Father who loves us. We want to give Him honour and praise by laying down our lives for Him and each other.

Jesus Christ
is our king who rescued us and gave us peace with God. We need Him and invite Him to shape who we are when everyone or no one is watching. Jesus is our leader and example – our true North.

The Holy Spirit

is in us and among us. He is our helper, teacher and comforter in life. We want to grow in hearing Him speak to us and through us, and we want Him to guide us and lead us as we’re following Jesus Christ.


connects us with God, His Kingdom and His will. Prayer orients us to God. No matter what our circumstances are, we strive to always communicate with God and include Him in every aspect of our lives.

The Bible

is God’s revelation of Himself, His character and His plans. We believe we need to be formed by His word, so we receive it with respect, humility and thankfulness.

We are a family

and we see each person as a vital part of the family God has called us to be. No matter who we are or what we do, we are equal as children of God when we receive Jesus as our Saviour. This affects how we treat each other, talk to each other, and about each other. There is a place for everyone who wants to belong to the family.

Love is integral.

If we have all the knowledge, skills, strategies and gifts in the world but don’t have love, we are nothing. Christ’s love must drive us in every encounter with each other. When relationships get challenging, we don’t give up- we lean in together as we seek peace and unity.


Without it we are fooling ourselves. We want to cultivate an open and caring community where we help each other to overcome our struggles – the obvious ones and the hidden ones. We’re in this together, and we’ll work through everything with love.


We follow Jesus, and we encourage and challenge each other to become more like Him. This happens in many ways- we serve together, learn together, play together, worship together, open our homes and pray together. Jesus uses His Spirit, His Word, His creation and His people to disciple us. We need to embrace it all because it leads us to Him.


We are called to be whole and undivided; having Jesus’s standards as our standards. We desire and need to be accountable to each other so that we aren’t hindered by our blind spots and stuck in patterns God wants to free us from.


God calls us to be humble. We believe in encouraging and serving each other, lifting up those around us and not ourselves. In a world mainly focused on self, we want to be a church living for something bigger than ourselves. We seek to give the honour to God.

Good news is here!

We’re proud of the good news about Jesus Christ because He is the hope for every person in every situation in the world. Jesus came to save us, heal us and set us free. We want to share this life of freedom and life in a relevant way to our friends and to the strangers who don’t know Jesus- to be examples to follow in how we love, serve and care for those around us. Jesus in us, is the hope for this world. We don’t just talk; we walk.

We love our community

and our focus is to love and serve our community like Jesus loves us, and shows us how to serve. This means we are intentional in reaching out to those around us no matter what they think of Jesus. God’s goodness leads people to a place where He can meet them. We are broken people saved by grace, and we want to show people the one true, loving God.

We belong to the world wide family of Jesus Christ.

We support and care for those in need; whether in our local community or on the other side of the world. We invite and welcome people from all different tradi
tions and backgrounds to share life with us. Jesus is the way, truth and life, and in the midst of our differences we gather around Him with patience, love and understanding so He can shape us into who He has created us to be.

We serve the global body of Jesus Christ.

We don’t exist for our own sake, but to empower, equip and bless everyone who journeys with us. We want to open our homes and lives to people who come to our town so they can experience the love of Christ through us and discover God’s calling on their lives, wherever He may take them.