Tim Olson, Lead Pastor

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Abbotsford, BC.
How long have you lived in Whistler? I moved up to Whistler at the beginning of February 2023, and my wife Michelle and kids (Gracie and Cooper) joined me at the end of March.
What is your hope and vision for Whistler Community Church? That we will be a community of hope in Whistler that points all people to the light of Christ.
What should people know about you? When not in the office, you'll most likely find me out for a bike ride, hanging out with family, or reading. I love connecting with God and others outdoors, and also have a deep appreciation for meaningful Jesus conversations over coffee or around a table while sharing a meal.
Where do you hang out? I hang out on the mountain, in the village, or grabbing coffee at Forecast or Rockit.
How can you contact me? Tim@whistlerchurch.ca

David Gibson, Executive Pastor

How can you contact me? David@whistlerchurch.ca

Ann Spence, Leadership Team

Where are you from? Originally from the big city of Toronto. Came out west to visit a friend “for the summer” & never went back. Loved Whistler from the moment I arrived! Sound familiar?
How did you get involved with Whistler Community Church/what is your current role? My faithful mother, Stella, prayed for me for 11 years. I started attending WCC since my 2 children were toddlers. It just felt right to bring them but for me it was only about the music. I was finally baptized by former Pastor Tim Unruh in June 1997. I’d attend ladies luncheons, taught Sunday school, became the Service Hosting team leader and supervised our coffee service. Later I stepped up as an emcee & scheduler. Since September 2021, I have become a member of our Leadership Team. Started with communications & now include treasurer role.
Hope and vision for Community Church? With the blessing of a new church building, I am keen to start new outreach programs that offer support of Godly vision/knowledge to our Whistler Community. The hope is to grow our community of believers & church members through outreach & mentorship.
What should people know about you? For 33 years I ran a successful B&B plus property management business. When Covid came along, I couldn’t host in our home. Retiring the B&B was simply the Lord’s good timing for me to step into church leadership& continue to use the gifts He’s given.
Where do you hang out? I love to enjoy our beautiful outdoors! Often I’m being active: either riding my bike, hiking or golfing to downhill or XC skiing. Of course, there’s always something to do in my gardens too!
How can you contact me? Ann@whistlerchurch.ca

Craig Allars, leadership team

Where are you from? Originally from Sydney, Australia, however lived in the US, UK and China before moving to Canada.
How long have you lived in Whistler? Since 2008
What is your hope and vision for Whistler Community Church? To help all people in Whistler come to know Jesus as the Creator behind the Creation and understand the hope he brings.
What should people know about you? I like Skiing and Biking and generally being outside. My Wife and I have 2 daughters and a dog. I previously worked in a Corporate Human Resources, these days I am involved in property development in the Sea to Sky. I’m always up to for an outdoor activity
Where do you hang out? Outside preferably, on skis, on a bike, hiking or walking the dog. While I don’t drink Tea or Coffee, I happily eat the snacks offered at any of the coffee shops in town.
How can you contact me? Craig@whistlerchurch.ca

Paul Jamieson, Leadership team

Contact me at: Paul@whistlerchurch.ca