Jon Pasiuk, Lead Pastor

Where are you from Jon?
Originally from the Fraser Valley, we've been in Whistler since 2014.
What brought you to Whistler?
By the time I finished High School, I began to feel that God was calling me to work in the church. That took me to Briercrest and Trinity Western (shout out to all General Studies Undergrads!), then eventually on to an M.A. (Liberty Theological Seminary) and an M.Div (Briercrest Seminary). I learned a lot in my first few years of pastoral ministry and was mentored by some very fine people at The Life Centre and Northview Community Church in Abbotsford. In October 2014, God brought Stephanie, Natalia and myself to Whistler to serve his kingdom here and make this our new home.
What are you about?
I want people to know Jesus- not to just believe that He exists or that He really did everything that the Bible says He did, but to know that everything Jesus is about is good news for us. I want people to know that every time we gather, worship, give, serve and say yes to Him and no to sin, we are doing what we were made to do. When Jesus is our master, we are in good hands and He will look after us far better than we ever can trying to manage on our own.
What should people know about you?
I am a glutton for facts and information. I hate feeling ignorant and I would really like to have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything.
Where do you hang out?
I live in Cheakamus, so I can often be found at Camp Coffee. I also enjoy Purebread, but maybe a bit too much and it’s for the better if I don't go there too often. I also like to make sawdust in my woodshop when I have the time.
How to contact Jon: jon@whistlerchurch/604.798.3861

David Gibson, Executive Pastor

Previous Lead Pastors

Tim Unruh: 1996-2013

Lamont Schmidt: 1986-1995

Ray Wiens: 1979-1986

Craig Smith, Leadership Team

Where are you from Craig?
I am from Vancouver and I moved to Whistler in 1986 to teach at Myrtle Philip Community School.
How did you get involved with Whistler Community Church/ What is your current role?
My wife, Linda, and I are so thankful that we were able to raise our three wonderful children in Whistler. Our desire to have our family be connected to a loving church community brought us to WCC. Currently I serve on the board as secretary.
Hope and vision for Whistler Community Church?
The word community provides such a vital description of who and what WCC is about and continually aspires to be. Our core group ebbs and flows through each season and this presents opportunities and challenges for us. My hope and vision for our church is that we continue to develop solid relationships ministering to people within our church, our many visitors, and to those in the larger Whistler community.
What should people know about you?
Linda and I are recently retired teachers and we are excited about what God has ahead for us! We look forward to continuing to serve others here and in other parts of the world.
Where do you hang out?
Outdoors with Linda, friends, and family as much as possible! Over the years, I have been involved in almost every outdoor activity BC has to offer. My involvement in sports and recreation allows me to follow my outdoor pursuits passion with others.
How to contact Craig:
604.935.8677 or email clmemsmith@shaw.ca

Steve Antil, LEadership Team

Where are you from Steve?
I'm originally from Abbotsford BC, my parents were from Minnesota, and they moved to Canada in 1969. Michelle and I joined the WCC shortly after moving to Whistler in 1996.
How did you get involved with Whistler Community Church/What is your current role?
We were new to the faith when we arrived here, and were looking for a solid Bible believing Church. Our first Pastor was Tim Unruh. Currently on the Leadership Team I am the moderator. Both Michelle and I are quite involved at church.
Hope and vision for Whistler Community Church?
We have many hope and dreams for the WCC, but currently our desire is to see the Church reaching deeper into the greater community of Whistler both organically and through programs such as the Alpha Course. We desire to see Jesus made known to the people of Whistler.
What should people know about you?
In addition to the Church Michelle and I are very involved in the Whistler Community through our professional work. Michelle is a recently retired Public High School teacher, and I am currently the manager of Whistler's Public Transit System.
How to contact Steve

Ann Spence, Leadership Team

Nico Giuriato, leadership team