Whistler Community Church has been a part of the the Whistler community for four decades, yet our presence has been minimized by our lack of a permanent location. We don’t want to be hidden. We want people to know that there is a church in Whistler, a place to learn, pray, worship, grow, serve and find care.


The Gift

In the mid 1990s the leadership began to pursue a permanent home and ministry base for the church. The Den Duyf family generously donated 1.74 acres of land in the White Gold neighbourhood and began the arduous process of rezoning a residential property to facilitate a religious institution. After a two year application process involving council hearings, consultation with neighbours and the construction of a bus shelter to benefit the community, the rezoning application was granted.

Finishing What We Started

It has been twenty years since we were gifted this land and began the process of rezoning and building a fund for construction. Because of the hard work, vision and commitment to the ministry of the church, Whistler Church has a piece of land worth almost $2 million that is both centrally located and zoned for church use. This is not a new project, it is a longstanding dream whose time has come.  

Why Move Forward Now?

The best reason for a church to build is to create ministry capacity – spaces where the mandate to make disciples and teach can be accomplished. Myrtle Philip Community Centre has been able to meet many of our needs but the community centre comes with limitations, particularly outside of Sunday morning. Future growth and ministry opportunities can be better facilitated when we have our own purpose-built space accessible to us seven days a week.

Join With Us

We would love for you to join will us as we pursue our vision of a permanent home in Whistler. Here are a few ways you can do that:
  • Prayer – we ask those who attend the church and support the ministry of the church to join us in praying for wisdom, unity, provision and resilience in the face of opposition.
  • Thoughtfully consider the implications and opportunities this building will create. The leadership team will be in contact with the church family to ask for your thoughts.
  • Spread the word – this is a church that has blessed many people in the past, and we want invite our extended family to invest in its future.
  • Ask yourself what role God is asking you to play in the future growth and ministry of the church.
If you would like to find out more, please email us at
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